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An Neutral Review of SEONuking

What kind of things do you do as you work to create your Internet Marketing business? If you make an attempt to do all of the work yourself, you most likely spend your whole day frantically transitioning from one task to another while simultaneously worrying that you aren’t going to get everything finished. You must develop and manage relationships with clients, develop links back to your services and product sales sites, create marketing campaigns and create content. But what if, for one simple price, you could outsource quite a bit of that work? SEONuking will manage your back links, your SEO work and some of the creation content work.

It most likely might appear to be an offer that is far too good to be true and if it were simply a piece of software that someone was claiming could do all of that work, it really would be too good to be true. What makes this different is that this isn’t a software application that you will buy.

[read] It is actually somebody else’s time. Mo Taqi is providing himself as well as his team to become your very own SEONukers. These are people who will take your written content and turn it into backlinks and help you build your SEO–when you choose the Leading Articles membership option you no longer even need to worry about the creation of your content.

Here’s precisely how it works. You purchase a SEONuking member’s program and then, every morning you send in your articles for submissions and the keyword campaign for which you want the team to be working and then the team does the rest of the work for you. They use a blog network and the Senuke programs to help them do this quickly. For the actual body of content you use there are a pair of choices: you can either write all of your own unique spin-ready content and send it in, or you can use Vita Vee’s Leading Articles Ultra Spinnable Content membership program. link Whichever you decide on, Taqi and his team are the folks that distribute the spinnable articles and do the rest of the work for you (like bookmarking, submitting rss feeds etc…).

The program costs $197 a month but there isn’t a minimum commitment. You can easily test it for one month and decide if it will actually help you and then decide whether or not you want to keep using it. You have got the ability to cancel your membership whenever you choose to do so.

Personalization is precisely what helps make this program unique and different from the others out there. Mo Taqi is restraining his member’s program so you will be certain to have personalized service. This isn’t computerized for anyone but you. Real folks are doing genuine work to help you succeed. Not only that, but you will have the ability to have a live consult with Mo through Skype to help you set up your goals and decide how you want to meet them. He can help you figure out how to get to wherever you want to go.

What is most impressive, however, is always that it is Mo Taqi that’s been helping Vita Vee keep things growing and moving forward. He is the individual who has led Vita to the great measures of success that Leading Articles enjoys today and Vita is more than happy to vocalize his support of Mo. You have probably always been acquainted with Vita Vee and the success his business has had. Wouldn’t you would like to uncover this yourself?


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